It’s been a full weekend, kicked off with some quality party time on Friday night in honor of Jack’s birthday, as we visited the symphony, then stuffed ourselves with decadent food at Lecosho, then sipped on hand-crafted cocktails at Mistral (I’m afraid Shane has developed a bit of a man-crush on the expert bartender there).  I hesitate to admit that it’s been awhile since we’ve stayed out past…10 pm, so it was fun to be young and cool once again and close out the bar.

(photo by La Verne)

I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning to see Shane head off for his weekend in the woods with the boys, then did some quality lounging and squeezed in a quick yoga session before heading out for lunch with La Verne.  As we caught up with each other over Irish fare at Paddy Coyne’s, I was reminded that there really is no substitute for quality girl time.  I got my dose of ‘me’ time on Saturday afternoon, as I worked on a couple of things around the house, did some sketching, and whiled away a few hours catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (I never realize just how fiercely Shane guards the remote control until he’s gone and I’m free to watch whatever I want).

Today was all about gettin’ stuff done, with grocery shopping and cooking and painting our dining nook (after being talked off the ledge of painter’s remorse by Shane when I applied the first few strokes and realized just how bold I’d gone with my color selection).

And…phew!  House is relatively clean, leftovers are packed for lunch tomorrow, paint job is finished, and I am tuckered out.  This is one of those nights when I’d give anything for a weekend-extension.  But I suppose I’ll have to settle for spending the rest of the night relaxing on the couch, watching the Grammy’s (who is this crazy bird man playing the piano?!…) and drinking a cup of tea.  Already trying to figure out how to battle the inevitable case of the Monday’s that will fall upon me in about 10 hours…