I’ve been missin’ my family mucho lately, so I was thrilled when my parents arrived Friday afternoon for a weekend visit.  We ate burgers and walked in the park, we watched basketball and cooked dinner together and crowded on the couch to watch movies and eat ice cream.  My mom and I shopped and drank tea, my dad fixed a pesky leak in our downstairs sink (is fixing stuff the universal love language of dads, or did I just luck out?), and all of us reveled in the goodness of just hanging out with family.  Far too soon, the weekend came to an end as my parents pointed their car toward Oregon and hit the road this morning.  And dang it, here I am missing them again…



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  1. Pat says:

    So glad you got to spend time with your parents!! I know how it is to miss the loved ones. I miss you and Shane so much!!