This being our first weekend home in awhile, I spent the past couple of days in catch-up mode:  errand-running, house-cleaning, grocery shopping, list-checking.  But we took a moment for a deep breath this evening and headed over to Lincoln Park to watch the sun set over the Puget Sound.  Shane and I are both in the midst of busy seasons that have left us a bit drained, so we reveled in the chance to just sit on a driftwood log and listen to the sound of water lapping over the pebbly shore.  A moment to watch the ferries pass us by, to be thankful, to rest my head on my man’s shoulder and tell him how much I like him.

20130303 lincoln park1 sm

20130303 lincoln park2 sm

20130303 lincoln park3 sm

20130303 lincoln park4 sm

20130303 lincoln park5 sm

20130303 lincoln park6 sm

Oh, I really, really needed that.