Spring has sprung in Seattle! The sun is shining, flowers are bursting with new blooms of color, and I have optimistically tucked my winter coat into the deep recesses of my closet. My mom and dad spent the past few days with us, soaking in Seattle’s springtime glory. Glory, glory, glory, indeed – it was a great weekend.

We joined the hoards of other sun-struck Northwesterners at UW on Saturday to take in the view of the cherry blossom-lined Quad. The trees were perfectly pink and fluffy, set against a crystal clear sky.  No, the sun doesn’t shine here quite as often as we’d like, but when it does, we do a pretty good job of making the most of it – there was this contagious buzz of joy in the air that morning.  I never knew how good Vitamin D was for the soul until I moved to Seattle!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.

20130330 uw cherry blossoms1 sm

20130330 uw cherry blossoms2 sm

20130330 uw cherry blossoms3 sm

20130330 uw cherry blossoms5 sm

20130330 uw cherry blossoms4 sm

20130330 uw cherry blossoms6 sm

And a bonus!  We ran into Jack and La V, who were also on a mission to embrace the Springtime spirit.

20130330 uw cherry blossoms7 sm

After stopping at the U-District Farmer’s Market for a few essentials like tamales, bacon, and goat cheese (apparently it’s not peak produce season yet!), we headed over the Olympic Sculpture Park to check out the view of the mountains.

20130330 sculpture park1 sm

20130330 sculpture park2 sm

After dropping off the guys at home, my mom and I spent the afternoon shopping till we dropped.  We hit Southcenter hard that day and scored a few good deals – I was in need of some clothing of the more…er…”elastic” variety, and it was fun to share this next step in the pregnancy process with my mom.  Shane threw some Italian sausages on the grill for dinner that night, and we passed the rest of the evening resting our tired feet at home with ice cream and a movie.  It had been a full day.

We spent Sunday morning at church, celebrating His rising with music and reflection and prayer, and then headed over to Jason and Nancy’s for an Easter meal with the gang.  We watched the kids hunt for eggs, we ate, we laughed, and we reveled in the goodness of an overly generous God.  I felt so lucky to be sharing the day with my “family family”  and my “Seattle family”.

20130331 easter1 sm

20130331 easter2 sm

The rest of the day was devoted to relaxing – naps, basketball, a leisurely walk by the water at Seward Park.  I can’t imagine a more perfect Easter weekend – hopefully I can ride this high right through the rain that’s supposed to start falling later this week…


  1. Nancy says:

    Ahh, like that shot of you and your mama. What a great weekend for a family visit!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Beautiful pictures, Kelly! You look like your mom in that photo together. I love the shot of Isaiah and Gryffin looking up at the Easter egg hunt too – very cute!

  3. Michelle says:

    a. so many gorgeous pictures! spring in seattle=only the best (when it happens)
    b. i almost forgot you’re pregnant and now i’m freaking out all over again!