My screenprinting class ended a couple of weeks ago, but I’m looking forward to plenty of future Saturdays spent hanging out in the studio.  I love, love, love it there – the messy jars of paint, the rows of squeegees hung on the wall, the anticipation of that first pulled print, not knowing just how much detail will come through a freshly made screen.  It’s good stuff.

This was my final class project, playing with color in a photo that I took last time we were in Central Oregon, then overlaying it with different geometric patterns.20130408 screenprinting7 sm(detail view):

20130408 screenprinting8 sm20130408 screenprinting1 sm

20130408 screenprinting2 sm

20130408 screenprinting3 sm

20130408 screenprinting6 sm

20130408 screenprinting5 sm

20130408 screenprinting4 sm

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