This baby is due in six days.  Six.  Such a small number.  And so I’m doing my best to enjoy this last stretch of pregnancy.  Notwithstanding the acid reflux, and the back pain, and the weird sensation of my organs being pushed around by our squirmy kid, I feel good.  Thankful.  Surprisingly energetic.  And just the tiniest bit sad at the thought of no longer bring pregnant.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost over.  So when I found out that Nance’s friend Lea is working on getting her photography biz started, I asked if she’d be willing to do a little shoot with Shane and I, to capture this precious, fleeting time in our lives.  We spent last Saturday at the Olympic Sculpture Park with her, memorializing week 38.  A few favorites:

20130825 38 weeks1 sm

20130825 38 weeks2 sm

20130825 38 weeks3 sm

20130825 38 weeks4 sm

20130825 38 weeks5 sm

20130825 38 weeks6 sm

20130825 38 weeks7 sm

20130825 38 weeks8 sm

20130825 38 weeks9 sm

20130825 38 weeks10 sm

20130825 38 weeks11 sm

20130825 38 weeks12 sm

20130825 38 weeks13 sm

And just think…bump pics will be baby pics any day now!