It was a quintessential summer weekend – afternoons spent laying on a picnic blanket and dipping our toes in Lake Washington, dinners hot off the grill, watermelon and sparklers and swings, oh my…

Shane and I both wrapped up our work weeks on Wednesday evening, so we kicked off our long holiday weekend on Thursday.  Jules and I met up with La Verne and Nico for our standing bakery date in the morning and then headed right back out after morning nap for pizza with papa.  The three of us swung by Lakewood Park on our way home for a little playground action – the swings are still a sure-fire baby-pleaser.

20140703 lakewood park1 sm

20140703 lakewood park2 sm

We spent the evening at Jack and La Verne’s, celebrating Nance’s birthday with brats and beer and chocolate cake.  The look on the babies’ faces says it all – who are these nutty people?!

20140703 gang1 sm

20140703 gang2 sm

Nico and Jules are becoming fast friends.

20140703 n and j1 sm

20140703 n and j2 sm

Ok, so maybe Nico’s a little nutty, too (in the best possible way, of course)…

20140703 n and j3 sm

We partied hard until…wait for it…7:30!  A new record with the babe!  Followed by the fastest ride home/bath/bedtime story ever, so that we could get Miss Charming tucked in before she turned into a howling, rotten pumpkin.

20140703 jules and papa sm

On Friday afternoon we drove over to Bellevue to check out Meydenbauer Beach Park, a pristine stretch of lawn right on the lake.  I was worried it would be packed because of the holiday, but we had no trouble staking our claim on a perfect patch of shady grass.

20140704 meydenbauer park1 sm

20140704 meydenbauer park4 sm


20140704 meydenbauer park2 sm

20140704 meydenbauer park3 sm

20140704 meydenbauer park5 sm

We spent the evening at Chez Rust, eating more brats and drinking more beer and lighting the fireworks that Jason had picked up outside city limits.

20140704 fourth1 sm

It was all fun and games when we were just dealing with smoke bombs and sparklers, but once the bigger guns came out, the boys became a little skittish.

20140704 fourth2 sm

Juliette remained pretty chill through it all, not really caring too much one way or the other.  Oh, how this kid has mellowed with age!

20140704 fourth3 sm

20140704 fourth4 sm

Saturday brought more sunshine and more time to hang with the gang.  We convened at Seward Park around lunchtime for tacos and storytime.

20140705 seward park1 sm

Gryffin and Isaiah hopped in and out of the lake all afternoon while Jules “waded” a bit, not sure what to make of the chilly water.

20140705 seward park2 sm

20140705 seward park4 sm

Jason could not be any sweeter to Juliette.  And it’s taken nine months, but she’s finally coming around.

20140705 seward park3 sm

C’mon babies, throw me a bone here!

20140705 seward park5 sm

Jason and Nancy gave us their old baby backpack and we decided to take it for a spin on Sunday at Tiger Mountain.  It was borderline hot that day, and it felt good to hang out in the shade of the woods (with a sweaty baby strapped to your back, huh, Shane?).

20140706 tiger mountain1 sm

We stopped at a bench for a picnic lunch and then headed back once we realized we’d hit the end of the trail.

20140706 tiger mountain2 sm

Jules decided at this point that she was done being in the backpack, so Shane carried her the mile back to the car, stopping every couple of minutes to let her touch ferns and pine needles and mossy tree trunks.  I hope she loves green as much as I do.

20140706 tiger mountain3 sm

We made it!

20140706 tiger mountain4 sm

Oh…summer.  So so so sooooo good.