This year started out great, with midnight champagne and New Years morning donuts and a very rewarding home-organization binge, and then…it all just kind of fell apart.  The cold flu straight-up clobbered us last month.  I think Shane’s been sick 20 out of the last 30 days; Juliette started sniffling on Tuesday and then hacking on Wednesday and spent all day Thursday wandering around the house whimpering, “mama?  mama?  mmmmmmaaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaa!!!!”;  I was more than happy to snuggle up with her until she gazed up at me with her sad, red-rimmed eyes and coughed directly into my mouth, and sure enough, I started feeling achy and sore-throated on Friday.  There was also a bout of toddler teething misery (which made all of us miserable), an anxiety-riddled decision about whether or not to move Juliette to a new daycare, work-related stresses for Shane and I, and the fact that we were continuing our tradition of frugal January, which meant no drowning our sorrows in shopping sprees or Tutta Bella happy hour.  Good riddance, January.  You feelin’ me, Jules?

20150130 juliette sm

Cheers to the dawn of a bright and shining (or at least ever-so-slightly less dark) new month.  May the rivers of snot go dry and the lattes flow like waterfalls.

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  1. la v says:

    YES! Amen!! And don’t forget the prosecco! May the mimosas be abundant and christen us like rain from heaven!