22 months!  Chattin’ up a storm, asserting her independence with that never-ending refrain of “I do it!”, go-go-going like some pig-tailed Energizer bunny.  And the singing…after months of coaxing her along in our family sing-a-longs, she’s taken the reigns in her own hands and is belting out her ABC’s with hardly any assistance.  There may be a few letters missing, and she kind of loses her way at the end here (choo-choo!), but it’s still pretty sweet.

Juliette is pretty content in the car these days, happy to read or sing to herself for longer stretches, so I’m feeling like we can venture a little farther from home on our Thursday outings.  We spent last Thursday at Remlinger Farms in Carnation, picking raspberries and then sipping cold lemonade from the gift shop.  It was so much fun, wandering the sunny rows with Juliette and seeing her joy when she plucked a perfect red berry and popped it in her mouth.

20150709 remlinger4 sm

That belly grew rounder and rounder as the afternoon drew on…

20150709 remlinger1 sm

20150709 remlinger3 sm

20150709 remlinger5 sm

20150709 remlinger6 sm

We hauled away an impressive five pounds of juicy red fruit – Jules was pretty pleased with our loot.

20150709 remlinger7 sm

And because I’m a sucker for all things dessert, I also picked up a blackberry pie from the gift shop.  I shared.  She was pleased.

20150710 juliette1 sm

20150710 juliette2 sm

20150710 juliette3 sm

Fridays are still our buddy days, and we spent one morning at Mount Baker Playgarden with our favorite little dudes.

20150710 mt baker playgarden2 sm

20150710 mt baker playgarden1 sm

These two look like they’re ready to cruise off into the sunset, don’t they?

20150710 mt baker playgarden3 sm

We’ve gotten a reprieve from the Seattle heat wave, but that hasn’t kept these kids out of water.  We were at Madrona beach last weekend and Jules walked right into the lake, jean shorts and all.  Shoulda packed that swimsuit…

20150711 madrona beach1 sm

20150711 madrona beach2 sm

20150711 madrona beach3 sm

20150711 madrona beach4 sm

20150711 madrona beach5 sm

20150711 madrona beach6 sm

Toys with wheels are a definite fave – bikes, cars, carts, wagons…  Our neighbor bought this little car for her grandson and asked Jules if she wanted to take it for a spin.  She did.

20150627 juliette1 sm

20150627 juliette2 sm

Happy 22 months, wild thing!  There are times when it feels almost impossible to embrace your “adventurous” spirit, when I beg you to quiet down and just be still.  But there are other times when I hear your laughter as you fly down the slide and I feel so thankful for your joie de vivre.  You’re a ton of fun, kiddo.

20150711 juliette1 sm

20150711 juliette2 sm

20150711 juliette3 sm