The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting ever-so-slightly cooler – summer has begun that sad, inevitable process of waning…  But we haven’t pulled out our sweaters and holed up just yet.  Rather, we’re doing our best to seize the 82-degree days, hitting our favorite hot spots and doing some quality outdoor exploring.

We still love our Thursday evenings at Jefferson Park, where Shane meets us after his post-work bike ride and Juliette romps in the splash pad.

20150813 jefferson park1 sm

20150813 jefferson park2 sm

20150813 jefferson park3 sm

And Saturdays at Lincoln Park – an oldie but a goodie!  Shane and I used to come here a lot for summer sunsets before we had Juliette.  Now that she’s in bed by sunset time, we’re hanging here in the mornings instead, eating donuts with the Rust clan or reconnecting with our community group.  Shane borrowed Brian’s paddleboard and took Jules out on a very short tour of the Sound a week ago – they didn’t make it more than 20 feet from shore before Juliette was asking to turn around, but we’ll try again some other day.

20150815 lincoln park1 sm

20150815 lincoln park2 sm

Shane and Jack logged their annual Redhook ride out to Woodinville last weekend, but this year we introduced a twist – La Verne and I met our biker dudes up at 192 Brewing in Kenmore with the kids, and Shane pulled them the remaining few miles up to Redhook in the bike trailer.

20150816 brew crawl1 sm

20150816 brew crawl2 sm

I guess this is what a pub crawl looks like for us these days…

20150816 brew crawl3 sm

Beer, burgers, bikes, success!

20150816 brew crawl4 sm

We made it!  (A celebratory hug.)

20150816 brew crawl5 sm

20150816 brew crawl6 sm

The weather was a little cooler last Thursday and Juliette and I opted to stay closer to home, taking our afternoon treat across the street to the greenbelt.  This girl will be sorely disappointed when popsicle season comes to a close.

20150821 greenbelt1 sm

20150821 greenbelt2 sm

20150821 greenbelt3 sm

20150821 greenbelt4 SM

La Verne texted me as we were leaving the greenbelt and asked if we wanted to meet up with her and N for a walk/bike ride at Seward Park.  The kids have matching balance bikes and we figured the wide-open path there would be perfect for trying out their new wheels.  Plus, it was just a tad too cool for them to take their usual dip in the water.

20150821 seward park1 sm

Or…not.  They darted into the lake before we could even strip them down – I managed to fish Jules out of the water long enough to pull of her soaked pants and salvage her mostly-dry shirt, but then she and N were off to the races again, reveling in the late summer rays hitting their pale, bare bellies.

20150821 seward park2 sm

20150821 seward park3 sm

20150821 seward park4 sm

Shane and Jules have done some quality cruising on the bike this summer, taking regular spins to the grocery store or along Lake Washington Boulevard.  Despite Shane’s urging that I get a bike so that we can make this a family activity, I’ve resisted, happy to play the part of the spectator.  But on Saturday the lure of afternoon sun and time with friends was hard to turn down, so I borrowed Nancy’s bike and we all set out along the Green River Trail for a slow, easy spin.  And you know what?  It was kinda great.  Easy, breezy, perfectly paired with a mid-ride picnic dinner.  I might put a bike on my wish list after all.

20150822 green river trail1 sm

20150822 green river trail2 sm

And Jules was pretty stoked about our matching helmets.  “Mama ride bike?  Mama ride biiiiiike?!”

20150822 green river trail3 sm

Yesterday morning we drove up north to check out St. Edward State Park – I had been wanting to check this place out for awhile and am so glad we made the trek.  After a quick go on the huge playground, we hit the trail down to the water.

20150823 st edward park1 sm


The forest fires in Eastern Washington have been terrible it was hazy even in Seattle yesterday, the smoke hanging in the air like fog.

20150823 st edward park2 sm

20150823 st edward park3 sm

Juliette crashed in the stroller before we reached the water, so Shane and I had a few rare, quiet moments to ourselves.

20150823 st edward park4 sm

Just as I spread out my blanket and reached for my book, though, she was up, wanting to come say hello to the ducks that had waddled onto the shore.

20150823 st edward park5 sm

20150823 st edward park6 sm

20150823 st edward park7 sm

20150823 st edward park8 sm

She lays it on so thick when she wants to.

20150823 st edward park9 sm

20150823 st edward park10 sm

Those few freckles on her nose have gotten darker with each passing weekend.  I’ll miss them if they decide to leave the premises come rainy season.

20150823 st edward park11 sm

20150823 st edward park12 sm

20150823 st edward park13 sm

20150823 st edward park16 sm

20150823 st edward park17 sm

20150823 st edward park18 sm

We headed back up the hill and through the forest once we’d had our fill of rock-throwing and pretzels.  Green, green, GREEN.  So good.

20150823 st edward park19 sm

We spent the evening at Seward Park with the Chens, this time more prepared for a swim in the lake.  Jack lifted weights while the rest of us sipped wine on the lawn.

20150823 seward park2 sm

20150823 seward park3 sm

20150823 seward park4 sm

20150823 seward park5 sm

20150823 seward park6 sm

20150823 seward park7 sm

20150823 seward park8 sm

20150823 seward park9 sm

20150823 seward park11 sm

We packed up our things as the ultra-orange sun began to set, wondering what on earth we’ll do when it’s 40 degrees and dark at 4:30 pm.  I mean, I don’t want to sound too gushy about summertime in Seattle, but dang…it’s magical.

20150823 seward park12 sm