I think I say this every October (and then again on our first warm, sunny day in May), but Seattle has never looked more beautiful.  I’ve been obsessively toting my camera around (you think?!), wanting to capture every Fall color and texture and hazy glow.

Shane and I were so taken with Ravenna Park when we jogged there a couple of weeks ago that we went back on Saturday for a more leisurely stroll, to wind our way up and down the wooded paths and over the bridges, stopping in open fields of grass for a quick game of tag.

20151024 ravenna park1 sm

20151024 ravenna park2 sm

20151024 ravenna park3 sm

Jules dug around for the biggest leaf she could find and proudly waved her autumn flag.

20151024 ravenna park4 sm

20151024 ravenna park4a sm

20151024 ravenna park5 sm

20151024 ravenna park6 sm

20151024 ravenna park7 sm

20151024 ravenna park8 sm

20151024 ravenna park9 sm

20151024 ravenna park10 sm

20151024 ravenna park11 sm

20151024 ravenna park12 sm

20151024 ravenna park13 sm

20151024 ravenna park15 sm

This. Tree.

20151024 ravenna park16 sm

And, as icing on our golden cake, a zipline!  Juliette’s new playground favorite.

20151024 ravenna park18 sm

20151024 ravenna park17 sm

20151024 ravenna park19 sm

This season suits her, don’t you think?

20151024 ravenna park20 sm

On Sunday we set out for our weekly family run, this time at Carkeek Park just north of Ballard.  And once again, Shane’s trail-scouting skills proved absolutely superb.

20151025 carkeek park1 sm

20151025 carkeek park2 sm

20151025 carkeek park11 sm

Mid-loop, we stopped for a breather at the beach – after swooning over all that green and gold, I forgot how much I love blue and gray, too.

20151025 carkeek park4 sm
20151025 carkeek park5 sm

20151025 carkeek park6 sm

20151025 carkeek park7 sm

20151025 carkeek park8 sm

20151025 carkeek park9 sm

20151025 carkeek park10 sm

We hit the trail for the final leg of our run, not entirely sure where we were going, but…ka-pow!

20151025 carkeek park12 sm

It was so pretty there that we let Juliette hop back out of the stroller to soak it all in.

20151025 carkeek park13 sm

20151025 carkeek park14 sm

Three cheers for Fall!

20151025 carkeek park15 sm