Shane, Jules, and I had such a good time on our Santa Monica trip last year that we decided to make it an annual tradition – March tends to be the time of year that I start to desperately crave a sun break, anyway.  We asked Jack and La Verne if they’d be up for joining us and they agreed with very little (no) arm-twisting.  We hopped on a plane last Thursday and headed south, happily waving farewell to a particularly gray, rainy sky.

20160310 california1 sm

The flight went off without a hitch and by mid-afternoon we were walking through the door of our Marina del Rey rental.  Jules and I dozed while the guys went for a run and at 5:30 we piled into our cars to make the short drive to Venice Beach.  Ahhhh, the California Coast.  My happy place.

20160310 california3 sm

20160310 california2 sm

20160310 california4 sm

20160310 california7 sm

20160310 california8 sm

I remember being surprised last year by just how much Juliette loved the ocean.  I also remember how exhausting it was, scooping her up as she darted full-speed toward the water time and again!  She has slightly better judgement now, but still couldn’t resist putting her toes in the foamy tide, laughing hysterically as we chased the waves and they chased us right back.

20160310 california10 sm

20160310 california9 sm

20160310 california11 sm

20160310 california12 sm

20160310 california17 sm

20160310 california13 sm

20160310 california14 sm

20160310 california15 sm

This picture was taken right before a wave set off a chain of toddler dominoes, at which point we wrapped our soaked kids in towels and decided to head home for dinner, bath, and bed.

20160310 california16 sm

Our house was just a few blocks from Abbot Kinney, so Intellegentsia coffee seemed like the perfect place to kick-start our Friday.  These two were big fans of the pastry offerings.

20160311 california1 sm

20160311 california2 sm

Properly carbed and caffeinated, we drove over to Tongva Park for a romp on the playground.  Juliette immediately set up shop in this big metal egg, inviting Shane and me to place an order at her restaurant window (I recommend the imaginary pizza with broccoli and watermelon on top).

20160311 california3 sm

20160311 california4 sm

Interest in the playground quickly waned when the kids heard the sound of running water.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that they probably ran 80 laps in this shallow pool, like little ducks splish-splashing back and forth, back and forth.

20160311 california5 sm

20160311 california6 sm

20160311 california7 sm

20160311 california8 sm

20160311 california9 sm

Bird-watching break.

20160311 california10 sm

And then a little boogie.

20160311 california11 sm

20160311 california12 sm

What, now?  A spray park?  This just keeps getting better and better!

20160311 california13 sm

20160311 california14 sm

20160311 california15 sm

20160311 california16 sm

20160311 california17 sm

20160311 california18 sm

I remember taking Juliette down this slide last year – those rollers were a little rough on the rear.  They still are.

20160311 california20 sm

20160311 california19 sm

20160311 california21 sm

Lunch at Tsujita Ramen followed by dessert at Blockhead has apparently also become something of a tradition.

20160311 california22 sm

That green tea shaved ice is the stuff of dreams!

20160311 california23 sm

Shane, Juliette, and I all piled into bed at naptime – “bed-sharing” with Juliette hasn’t worked well for us in the past, as she prefers to play rather than sleep when we’re around, but water and sun seem to be the magic ticket for a solid crash.  I came to love these afternoon snuggles.

20160311 california24 sm

The Chens had a dinner date with some friends Friday night, so we struck out on our own in search of margaritas and tacos.  Happy Hour at Mercado hit the spot – the carnitas tamales with green sauce were amazing.  We left the restaurant at prime sunset time and Juliette and I jogged the couple blocks to the waterfront while Shane paid the bill and got the car.  Made it!  Barely!

20160311 california25 sm

But jeez, was it windy!

20160311 california26 sm

Juliette and I took a quick walk down the Santa Monica pier and then we called it a day.  A very, very good day.

20160311 california27 sm

Saturday and Sunday were also packed with sand and sun – stay tuned!