Spring has sprung and we’re making our way through our annual tour du blossoms, hitting our list of must-sees before the trees shed their pink and white fluff.  I skipped out of work a little early on a particularly sunny day a couple of weeks ago and picked up Jules for an afternoon stroll through the arboretum.

20160317 arboretum1 sm

20160317 arboretum2 sm

20160317 arboretum3 sm

20160317 arboretum4 sm

20160317 arboretum5 sm

20160317 arboretum6 sm

The tulip trees had already dropped a lot of their petals, but the pink and brown forest floor was lovely.

20160317 arboretum9 sm

20160317 arboretum12 sm

20160317 arboretum7 sm

20160317 arboretum8 sm

20160317 arboretum10 sm

To infinity and BEYOND!

20160317 arboretum11 sm

The UW cherry blossoms are also high on our list of March destinations, and since our last visit there was cut short by the rain, we headed back out on a clear-ish Saturday morning to get one more peek.  I was hoping we could perch Jules in a tree and get her to sweetly smile for some glamour shots, but she had other ideas, wildly running loops and loops and loops around the lawn.  I guess that works, too.

20160318 uw cherry blossoms1 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms2 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms3 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms4 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms5 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms7 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms8 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms9 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms10 sm

Finally!  She sits!  (By the way, Shane’s already dubbed her a future Husky.)

20160318 uw cherry blossoms11 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms12 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms13 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms14 sm

Juliette’s been working on her wink – kinda sorta almost there?

20160318 uw cherry blossoms15 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms16 sm

20160318 uw cherry blossoms17 sm

Shane was laid up with a doozy of a flu last weekend, so we put our park tour on pause.  The three of us ventured out of the house for church on Easter Sunday and then came home for a low-key egg hunt.  Low-key until Juliette wolfed down her stash of chocolate bunnies, that is…

20160327 easter1 sm

By early afternoon Shane’s strength was waning, so Jules and I left him on the couch and headed out for our c-group Easter meal.  There was another egg hunt for the kids (more treats!  yay.), ham and rolls and salads and lemon tarts for the grown-ups, and merriment for all.

20160327 easter2 sm

20160327 easter3 sm

20160327 easter4 sm

20160327 easter5 sm

I’ll admit, with Shane out of commission and me left to do quite a bit of solo parenting, I found myself having a hard time fully dwelling in the goodness of the Easter message.  Yes, God is Risen, but MY PARTNER IS DOWN and my kid is driving me crazy!  Looking at this photo, it’s hard for me to remember what she did to upset me…

20160327 easter6 sm

So we’ll temporarily sweep those terrible two moments under the rug and revel in the bright spots of Spring.  There are many.