June has brought her A-game this year, kicking off the month with a solid six days of sunshine.  Shane had Friday off and suggested a family hike in the mountains – I wasn’t sure I was up for a long trek, but when I saw him throw Juliette’s bike in the trunk, I figured we were in for some pretty mild terrain.  We made a pitstop at the bakery for sustenance, and then found ourselves nestled among the Cascades at the Gold Creek Pond trailhead just one hour later.  The “trail” was flat and paved and the perfect place for Jules to practice her cruising.

20160603 gold creek pond1 sm

20160603 gold creek pond2 sm

20160603 gold creek pond5 sm

20160603 gold creek pond6 sm

And Gold Creek Pond was a glistening turquoise lake, clear and serene and all kinds of lovely.

20160603 gold creek pond7 sm

20160603 gold creek pond8 sm

20160603 gold creek pond9 sm

20160603 gold creek pond10 sm

20160603 gold creek pond11 sm

20160603 gold creek pond12 sm

20160603 gold creek pond13 sm

20160603 gold creek pond14 sm

We found a patch of grass and a shady picnic table where we could have a snack and then dip our toes in the freezing water.

20160603 gold creek pond17 sm

20160603 gold creek pond15 sm

20160603 gold creek pond18 sm

I love baseball cap weather…

20160603 gold creek pond19 sm

20160603 gold creek pond20 sm

20160603 gold creek pond21 sm

Our mile-long loop left us all parched, so we hopped over to Dru Bru for beer and ginger ale.  Cheers, kiddo!

20160603 dru bru1 sm

After a solid family nap in the afternoon, we met up with some friends at Jefferson Park for a taco picnic and a romp in the splash pad.  This picture makes it hard to believe that summer hasn’t officially begun:

20160603 jefferson1 sm

20160603 jefferson2 sm

We spent Saturday morning down by Lake Washington, sunning and paddleboarding.  It took some major negotiating to pry Juliette off this thing – had to promise the kid treats and a trip to the plant store (she loves Lowe’s these days).

20160604 lake washington1 sm

20160604 lake washington2 sm

20160604 lake washington4 sm

20160604 lake washington3 sm

Sunday was hot, hot, hot, so we headed to the mountains again, this time to check out Franklin Falls.

20160605 franklin falls1 sm

20160605 franklin falls2 sm

Shane wanted to save his shoulders and asked Jules to walk the first part of the trail.  She made it…0.1 miles before begging to get up in the backpack!

20160605 franklin falls3 sm

20160605 franklin falls4 sm

20160605 franklin falls5 sm

I’ve been on a couple of waterfall hikes that end with an anti-climatic trickle over some rocks.  Not the case here!  This baby was roaring.

20160605 franklin falls6 sm

20160605 franklin falls7 sm

20160605 franklin falls8 sm

Juliette wasn’t a fan of the cold falls-spray and spent our time down there nuzzled into my chest.  There are worse things, I guess…

20160605 franklin falls9 sm

20160605 franklin falls10 sm

We plowed through the crowds back toward our car, scoring a sweet little spot near the river to stop and refuel with strawberries and pretzels.

20160605 franklin falls11 sm

20160605 franklin falls12 sm

20160605 franklin falls13 sm

And we found ourselves back at Lake Washington on Sunday evening, eating pizza with Jack and La Verne while the kids ran circles around us.

20160605 lake washington1 sm

20160605 lake washington2 sm

20160605 lake washington3 sm

20160605 lake washington9 sm

20160605 lake washington4 sm

These ring-around-the-rosy pics would make the best flip book ever!

20160605 lake washington5 sm

20160605 lake washington6 sm

20160605 lake washington7 sm

20160605 lake washington8 sm

Ahhhh…June.  So far, so good!