When Juliette and I started talking about Halloween costumes this year, she instantly declared that she wanted to be MOANA.  I told her that it’s a little too cold in Seattle to trick-or-treat in a tube top and a wrap skirt and asked her to pick something else, to she replied, “Ok, Mama…I guess I’ll be…MAUI!”  Maui is Moana’s cohort, a big guy who sports nothing more than a bunch of tattoos and a leaf skirt, so we were hardly heading in the right direction.  I tried to sell her on an adorable parrot costume, and then Wonder Woman, and then Minnie Mouse, but it was no, no, no.  We browsed and browsed the costume boards on Pinterest and when Juliette spotted a poofy pink unicorn outfit, the deal was sealed.  We headed to the fabric store, stocked up on felt and tulle, and got to work cutting and sewing and hot-gluing.  200 strips of tulle later, Juliette took her unicorn for a spin around the house, asking to sport her pink sunglasses too, because, well, PINK.

The Halloween festivities began on Sunday, when we headed over to a neighborhood garden for a nearby preschool’s Fall Carnival.  Juliette was eager to get her trick-or-treat on, and I was eager to watch this adorable pink poof make the rounds.  She looks good, huh?

The carnival was great, though different from your typical Halloween sugar-fest – “goodie” baskets were filled with pine cones and seashells and painted rocks.  Only in Seattle…

Still, Juliette loved it all and was perfectly content with a sparkly purple rock and the bag of kettle corn I bought her from the bake sale table.

The tail and main came out a bit…fuller than I meant for them to, but wow, that glow!

Tuesday was full-on party day at Juliette’s school – all of her buddies donned their get-ups and they trick-or-treated at all the classrooms, dancing off their sugar rush in the afternoon.

We’ve made a tradition of trick-or-treating with the Rust clan, so we headed over to West Seattle after school and joined this crazy crew for the neighborhood rounds.

Juliette was a bit timid at first, but followed the cues of the big kids and crowded in at each door with her bucket held out.

So many houses brought their Halloween A-game, with intricately carved pumpkins or strings upon strings of lights.

And some houses bordered on too spooky…  I feel like this picture needs a thought bubble over Juliette’s head, reading, “Help me, Mama!”

We headed back to the house loaded down with chocolate and Starbursts and the boys got to work sorting and trading their loot.  This girl was zonked after a full day of fun, her horn a little crumpled and her eyes a little glazed, but she had rocked that costume to its full potential.  You’re a magical creature indeed, Jules.