Below are a few more food paintings, done for my art class which ended on Thursday.  It’s fun being “outside the box”.  My mind is still brimming with all kinds of new possibilities.

This one was done on rice paper, with curry powder sprinkled over tea and a small seaweed accent (can you tell I went a little crazy at the Asian food store?).


Pod outlined in tea on soy paper (I totally scored when I found these brightly colored wrappers) and sprinkled with cinnamon.


Flower shape cut with an X-acto knife out of dried seaweed.  Smells fishy, but looks pretty.



Seed shape painted with red wine and dashed with cinnamon, for good measure.



Seed outlined in pencil (I cheated a little), filled in with olive oil, and dotted with soy sauce.  Simple, but the color of oil-soaked paper is beautiful.


Rice paper soaked in water, dribbled with soy sauce, and laid out to dry.  I love the translucency of the paper and the way it wrinkled and cracked.


Lemon slices soaked in wine and used as a stamp.


I’m ready to switch back to regular paints for awhile now, but I expect I’ll revisit edible art-ing again someday.  It’s good when art-making feels like playing.

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