Fall officially starts on Wednesday, but it feels like it rolled in about a week ago – skies have been gray, mornings have been chilly, leaves have been losing their green with each passing day…  Thankfully, we made the most of what turned out to be the last blazin’ day of summer a couple of Saturdays ago, renting kayaks and hitting Lake Union for a spin with the Chens.

When we were told that the kids would have to sit in their own seats, we paused for a moment – Juliette’s not one for sitting still, and I wouldn’t be within arm’s reach to restrain her.  What if we got out on the water and she didn’t like it?  What if she tried to jump ship?

20150912 kayak1 sm

20150912 kayak2 sm

Or…what if she loved it?!

20150912 kayak4 sm

20150912 kayak5 sm

(And then still threatened to jump ship?)

20150912 kayak6 sm

Although Juliette’s insistence on testing the water made Shane super-anxious, and although I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to steer with the foot pedals and directed La Verne’s and my kayak into oncoming speedboat traffic a couple of times, we had a blast out there.

20150912 kayak7 sm

20150912 kayak8 sm

20150912 kayak8 sm

Sweet Jesus, that sun!  Already feels like a distant memory…

20150912 kayak10 sm

20150912 kayak11 sm

Soak it up, Nico!

20150912 kayak12 sm

We made it safely back to the dock, relatively dry and a little pink-cheeked.  We grabbed a table at Agua Verde and raised our margaritas to the end of my most favorite Seattle season.  And now the nine-month countdown begins.

20150912 kayak13 sm