Shane’s mom left yesterday after a week-long visit – it was a full few days, packed with parks and sight-seeing and plenty of at-home Lego-building and choo-choo time.  We’re missing her today – Juliette’s first words when we came downstairs this morning were, “Where Grandma go?!”  I know, kiddo, it was awfully fun having her around…

Last Sunday was a beautiful Fall day, so we rented a boat at UW and paddled around Lake Washington.  It was a little windy out there, and the water was a little rougher than we anticipated, but after some frantic rowing on Shane’s part, we made our way to the calm, sheltered waters of the arboretum.

20150927 lake washington1 sm

20150927 lake washington2 sm

20150927 lake washington4 sm

Juliette couldn’t resist leaning over to run her fingers through the water, but Grandma kept a firm hold on her life jacket to make sure the rest of her stayed dry.

20150927 lake washington5 sm

20150927 lake washington6 sm

This photo captures our crossing back to the dock so well – Juliette and I snapping pictures while the wind whipped our hair, Shane grimacing with each stroke of the paddle as he struggled to keep us on course.

20150927 lake washington7 sm

Whew!  Made it!

20150927 lake washington8 sm

Shane went to work on Monday while the rest of us headed to the zoo for some animal-gazing.

20150928 woodland park zoo1 sm

We lucked out and saw most of the animals up-close, from giraffes to hippos to these magnificent tigers.

20150928 woodland park zoo2 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo3 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo4 sm

And penguins!!!

20150928 woodland park zoo5 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo6 sm

Juliette loved the flamingos and did her best to mimic their one-legged stance.

20150928 woodland park zoo7 sm

20150928 woodland park zoo8 sm

We said good-bye to our furry and feathered friends around noon and headed home for naptime – Juliette snoozed the afternoon away but woke up ready to get back at it, so we caught the last of the day’s rays at Jefferson Park.

Juliette went to daycare on Tuesday while Shane and his mom did some sight-seeing, and then stayed home with Grandma on Wednesday for some bonding time (which didn’t go quite as planned, stubborn Jules!).  Thursday was Grandma-Mama-Jules day, and the three of us spent the morning at the mall and the afternoon at Luther Burbank Park.

20151001 luther burbank1 sm

Shane biked over after work to meet up with us and have his own go at the playground.

20151001 luther burbank2 sm

20151001 luther burbank6 sm

20151001 luther burbank3 sm

20151001 luther burbank4 sm

20151001 luther burbank5 sm

20151001 luther burbank7 sm

The four of us were together on Friday and decided to spend the cool, gray morning indoors at the Museum of Flight.  This kid looks ready to fly, doesn’t she?

20151002 museum of flight1 sm

20151002 museum of flight2 sm

20151002 museum of flight3 sm

20151002 museum of flight4 sm

20151002 museum of flight5 sm

We headed to Kubota Gardens in the afternoon and wandered down the tree-lined pathways, soaking in all the greens and reds and oranges.

20151002 kubota gardens1 sm

20151002 kubota gardens2 sm

20151002 kubota gardens3 sm

20151002 kubota gardens4 sm

20151002 kubota gardens5 sm

20151002 kubota gardens6 sm

Tuckered out.  Finally.

20151002 kubota gardens7 sm

We said good-bye to Pat yesterday morning, with lots of hugs and a few tears.  Thanks for making the trek out here, Grandma!  Thanks for riding along with us so patiently on the roller-coaster that is toddler-hood.  For loving Juliette so fiercely.  Come back soon.

20151003 grandma sm