I feel like my last three months of blog entries were a sort of tribute to the glory of Seattle summers, but Fall in the PNW ain’t too shabby, either.  The trees are bursting with color and have shed just enough leaves to coat the ground with a nice crinkly carpet of gold.  Swim season is over, but duck hunting season is well underway – we hop in the car and visit our feathered friends at the Arboretum whenever the sun comes out.

20151003 arboretum1 sm

We spent a lazy Saturday there with the Chens, and after the longest short walk ever, as Juliette seemed to run twenty steps backward for every twenty-one steps forward, we staked out a spot near the water to crack open a bottle of wine and watch the sailboats.

20151003 arboretum2 sm

20151003 arboretum3 sm

20151003 arboretum4 sm

20151003 arboretum5 sm

20151003 arboretum6 sm

20151003 arboretum8 sm

20151003 arboretum7 sm

20151003 arboretum10 sm

20151003 arboretum11 sm

20151003 arboretum12 sm

20151003 arboretum13 sm

Like I said, not too shabby.

20151003 arboretum9 sm

My mom and dad were in town last weekend and we spent Friday afternoon at Kubota Gardens – we’d been there just one week earlier with Shane’s mom, but wowsers, it had gotten even better since then!  Happy Birthday to me!

20151009 kubota gardens4 sm

20151009 kubota gardens1 sm

20151009 kubota gardens2 sm

20151009 kubota gardens3 sm

20151009 kubota gardens5 sm

20151009 kubota gardens6 sm

20151009 kubota gardens7 sm

20151009 kubota gardens8 sm

20151009 kubota gardens9 sm

20151009 kubota gardens10 sm

Such a treat to ring in my 34th year with this crew and these colors.

20151009 kubota gardens11 sm

20151009 kubota gardens12 sm

20151009 kubota gardens13 sm

20151009 kubota gardens14 sm

20151009 kubota gardens16 sm

20151009 kubota gardens17 sm

20151009 kubota gardens18 sm

20151009 kubota gardens19 sm

20151009 kubota gardens20 sm

Saturday was rainy, rainy, rainy – we hardly left the house and were all feeling completely stir-crazy by Sunday morning.  Thank goodness for a sun-break!  Off to the arboretum again!

20151011 arboretum1 sm

20151011 arboretum2 sm

20151011 arboretum3 sm

20151011 arboretum4 sm

20151011 arboretum5 sm

20151011 arboretum6 sm

My mom and dad headed back to Oregon on Sunday afternoon while Shane, Jules, and I went for a jog along the trails at the Redmond Watershed Preserve.  Juliette happily bumped along the wooded path with Shane, singing songs while I huffed and puffed to keep up.

20151011 redmond watershed1 sm

We saw a couple of horses on the trails, and three days later, we’re still hearing about them.  “Horsey go poo-poo on his bottom, mama!”

20151011 redmond watershed2 sm

20151011 redmond watershed3 sm

20151011 redmond watershed4 sm

20151011 redmond watershed5 sm

20151011 redmond watershed6 sm

Thanks, October, for being awesome.