This book was the subject of my very first monthly book club meeting.  Several girlfriends and I have decided to read a book together each month and then convene on a Saturday morning for coffee and discussion.  Our first book choice, unfortunately, turned out to be rather mediocre, and all of us agreed that we had a hard time really connecting with any of the characters in Run.  I’ll spare you any of the uninspiring details.  However, I will sing the praises of this whole book club idea.  It’s a great motivation to read more, and a fabulous way to regularly connect with friends.  I’d say that only about half of our discussion yesterday really focused on the book, but that was ok, because I’m in this for the friendship-building more than anything else.  And it was neat to hear other how other women’s interpretations and impressions differed from my own (though we all generally agreed that this was a so-so read overall).  Shane and I have been blessed with a wonderful group of common friends here in Seattle (rather than the my friends/his friends situation we had in California), but there is still great value in taking time to just hang with the ladies.  And the fact that we’ve chosen meet at Macrina Bakery, which serves the most fantastic lemon lavender coffee cake, definitely doesn’t hurt things…


  1. Steve says:

    I think the book club is a great idea. My sister has been doing the same thing and it is always fun for me to hear about all the different books they’ve read. I don’t know if they’d be into the same books your friends would be into but so far she’s told me they have read “the Glass Castle” and “the shack.” Cheerios

  2. Kelly Schnell says:

    We’re actually reading “The Glass Castle” for February, so I hope it’s good! So, have you read anything life-changing lately?